Camping is more than just a hobby. Trekking into a campground, pitching a tent, and spending a night under the open sky is a lifestyle that we can enjoy for our entire lives. Even so, it’s no secret that as we age having the same experiences in nature that we did as a youth becomes more challenging. Camping trips for seniors might feel like they pose difficult barriers. 

How Yurt Camping is Comfortable for Seniors

The good news? Aging doesn’t mean sacrificing a love for spending a night in nature. Campgrounds with yurts build a bridge between the comforts of home and the ruggedness of camping that allows seniors to have the best of both worlds. Contrary to common myths, yurt camping can offer the warmth and comfort of amenities we’d find in our own homes while being nestled in the forest, mountains, coast, or wherever you seek to explore. 

Here’s how yurts allow camping to remain perfectly in reach for seniors. 

A Good Night’s Rest


Yurts offer resources for a good night’s sleep where sleeping on the ground might not. They include mattresses to suit the comfort levels of all sleepers. Firm to cloud-like beds await those staying in yurts. With easy access to your car, you can bring your favorite pillows and blankets from home to help promise a good night’s sleep. 

Temperate Temperatures

Being in temperatures that are too warm or cold have an enormous impact on the quality of an overall camping trip. Having the proper cooling or heating mechanisms create an environment for a good night’s sleep. Plus, they allow for a comfortable space to retreat to at the end of a day spent outdoors, making a tremendous difference to the overall comfort of the trip. 

For a summer getaway into the great outdoors, air conditioning or fans are often provided in a yurt. They help keep the inside of the structure cool and comfortable. On the flip side, a winter retreat to a yurt is often accompanied by a source of heat already installed in the unit. It allows you to create a cozy oasis to make sure you feel right at home. 

Cooking Supplies


Campfire stoves are often heavy and sometimes frustrating to use. Why not camp in a yurt and have all the same amenities you’d have access to at home? 

Say goodbye to freeze dried food and choose a yurt with a stovetop to cook a delicious meal after a day spent outdoors. Have a breakfast of fresh eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns before slipping into your hiking boots and hitting the trail. Traditional camping food is often less appetizing than meals you’d cook in your kitchen. Staying in a yurt grants access to the comforts of a kitchen while being side-by-side with the great outdoors. 

All the Comforts of Home

Many yurt campgrounds have constructed yurts that are ADA compliant. Now, they can be as accessible as your own home. Seniors can still enjoy the great outdoors and the convenience of indoor plumbing by staying in yurts. Between accessible living spaces and fully-equipped kitchens and bathrooms, yurts can account for all the comforts of home. 

Choose Yurt Camping With Pacific Yurts

Aging doesn’t mean saying goodbye to camping. Yurts provide a bridge between the necessary comforts of home and the freedom of the great outdoors. By using the comforts of yurts, seniors can take back camping and continue to spend time in nature. Visit Pacific Yurts to find your nearest yurt campground.

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