20' Pacific Yurt at Oregon Country FairA lot of companies spend the majority of their time convincing their customers to buy, but most do not worry about anything beyond the purchase. We are a little different. Actually, we are a lot different.

We spend a great deal of time visiting with our customers about what happens after they buy a yurt. This is because yurts are unique purchases. While they are mind-blowingly simple when compared with other construction options, they are still a significant investment and require planning to get them to your desired site.

Shipping a yurt is a part of most Pacific Yurts transactions, and we strive to make it an exciting part of the adventure. For customers interested in shipping a yurt, we offer assistance in choosing a freight company that meets the customer’s needs and budget. We work with the freight company to schedule the shipment, but you as the customer are the party contracting with the freight company. We follow this procedure because it allows our customers to take advantage of discounted freight rates.

Domestic and International Yurt Shipping

Yurts come in a wide variety of size and weight options, so the combination of the features chosen will dictate the final weight and measurement of the components. Added windows, insulation or other upgrades will also alter the size and weight of the packaged pieces. Yurt shipping options also depend on the exact delivery destination. We are glad to help our customers with CIF (cost, insurance, freight) estimates based on their yurt components and delivery destination. Transit times also vary and are subject to the freight carrier’s routes and availability. Again, we are glad to offer experienced estimates in that area as well.

Crated Pacific YurtShipping a yurt involves packing and crating the components, which we do for a nominal fee of $250 for domestic shipments. Our yurt shipping options also include the additional charge of $125 for our Custom Curve™ Glass Window System.

We are also proud to say we have helped many of our customers with shipping their yurt internationally. International shipping may involve additional packing fees (ocean shipments are $375 and the Custom Curve™ Glass Window System is an additional charge of $175) or airfreight considerations. We also recommend contacting a Customs Agent for further information regarding import fees that may apply.

We work very hard to streamline the shipping process for our customers, but there is one part of the process that the customer must be mindful of, and that is off loading the yurt upon arrival. It is very important to communicate with the freight company regarding the delivery site and unloading options. If the construction location is not accessible by the freight truck (e.g. involves unpaved or unmaintained roads), the yurt will need to be collected from the freight terminal itself, which we will gladly help you locate.

Recommendations for Unloading Your Yurt

Unloading the yurt may involve equipment and will almost certainly involve helpers. Some freight carriers offer trucks with lift gates, which are ideal, but without them forklifts are helpful. If you are using a forklift to unload, you will need 6’ forks or extensions due to the length of the shipping crates. We recommend having a team of 3 to 5 helpers on hand to unload the yurt. Occasionally, freight carriers allow the team to disassemble the shipment on the truck, but each carrier will have their own policies regarding that. Also, it’s important to note that freight carriers are often at the mercy of interrupted timetables, so delivery time may vary and flexibility with helper schedules is important.

Pick Up Your Yurt at Our Facility

Packed up yurt in a truckSome of our customers prefer to pick up their yurt themselves here at our facility. We enjoy it when they do because we love to meet our customers in person. We have a stunning facility located south of Eugene, Oregon, in beautiful Cottage Grove, and it makes for a nice visit. For anyone desiring to collect their yurt directly at our facility, we welcome you to do so during pick-up hours, between 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. You will need to schedule your pick-up in advance with your sales representative. Be sure to give us a call to be sure your vehicle meets the minimum requirements to load out your purchase. We have loading details for every size yurt as downloadable PDFs available on our website for your convenience, but we also welcome calls from anyone wishing to clarify details further.