interior of yurt with wood features and bed frame

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a glamping business or adding a yurt to your facilities, now just might be the perfect time. Luxury glamping is becoming the new norm as travelers are increasingly seeking outdoor escapes that provide all the comforts of home.

Why You Should Start a Glamping Business

interior of yurt with warm fireplace and sofa

Over the last few years, consumer interest in glamping has been on the rise and there are a combination of factors that make now the right time to start that glamping business you’ve been dreaming about. To start, trends in the market indicate that glamping is most popular with ages 18-32. Because this popularity is driven by millennials and Gen Z, rather than the older generations who typically dominate the leisure market, there is a lot of potential for future growth alongside the younger generations. 

During the pandemic, the concept of staycations rose in popularity as domestic and international travel locked down, remote work became standard, and travelers were looking to reconnect with nature during trying times. Even now, vacationers are still choosing staycations as an affordable alternative, due to the rising cost of living, unrest in some countries, and an increased interest in low-tech vacations.

The rise in remote work is also promising for aspiring glamping business owners, as digital nomads have flexibility with travel and the ability to work from anywhere—great news for glamping sites providing Wi-Fi as an amenity.

Starting a Yurt Glamping Business

Glamping sites located near outdoor activities and events like trails, beaches, national parks, wineries, and music festivals tend to perform better. Because they’re portable and easy to install in remote locations, yurts are an obvious choice for glamping business accommodations.

Demand for outdoor experiences has flooded both public and private campgrounds, benefitting private landowners more than ever before. For landowners looking to create a business on their property, yurts provide a unique and lucrative opportunity thanks to their affordability and easy-to-maintain nature.

As the popularity of glamping businesses continues to increase, UK industry expert, Glampitects, recommends that business owners narrow their target audience to a particular crowd of guests. Choosing a niche like wellness or hiking will allow hosts to charge more per night and prepare for a future saturation point in the industry if that day comes.

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Pacific Yurts Customer Success Stories

Savage River Lodge

interior of yurt with large bed and frame

Savage River Lodge is a popular resort offering glamping experiences in western Maryland. Its luxurious yurts feature heated floors, a full bathroom, and ample hot water, as well as a gas fireplace, a king-size bed, private decks, and a breakfast nook.

The Pacific Yurts at Savage River Lodge have become their most popular accommodation style and are often rented for nightly rates similar to their cabins. Their yurts have even appeared in the Wall Street Journal and MSN’s list of glamping sites across the US. Owners Mike Dreisbach and Jan Russell say, “Our yurts have helped to save our business. With the world looking to get away, but not far, we have now entered into a new business explosion.” The couple set an all-time gross sales record in 2020 and see a bright future ahead.

Cherry Hill Park

interior of yurt with large bed and frame

Situated right outside of Washington, DC, Cherry Hill Park has been a popular family-owned camping destination for over 100 years. The glamping yurts at Cherry Hill Park are 20’ in diameter and include a queen bed, two bunk beds, electricity, air conditioning, Wi-Fi internet access, a microwave, a mini-fridge, and a dining table and chairs. Outside, each has a custom-built porch and entryway leading to the picnic table, fire ring, and charcoal grill, with a wash station and bathhouse both nearby.

Mike Gurevich, owner/general manager says that their guests love the yurts and they added two more because they were consistently booking out. He also adds, “Our guests have responded positively to newer, larger yurts with more premium furnishings.”

Get Started on Your Glamping Business Today

Glamping is an exciting opportunity for any entrepreneur looking to break into the ecotourism and short-term rental market. To learn more about Pacific Yurts and find answers to your yurt questions, visit our customer support page.

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