24' Pacific Yurts State Park CampingPeople need more places to live and work. As construction costs skyrocket, home and business owners need a better solution.

Enter the yurt, a more efficient, affordable and sustainable way to build. Take a look at our infographic below and see how they’re being used across the nation.


Business Use

Yurts extend the camping season into the colder months, and have a 70% average annual occupancy rate than other traditional campsites. Favorite yurt amenities include indoor heating, indoor lighting and locked doors for extra security.

Other ways yurts can be used for business owners include wellness centers, such as yoga studios, day spas and fitness centers, or storefronts, as they can serve as fast, inexpensive and portable retail outlets for gift shops or art studios.


Personal Use

People long for simpler, more sustainable lives, and many are choosing to live in yurt homes for either long-term or temporary housing. Yurts are also great to use for vacation homes and guest lodgings, or standalone spaces that can serve a variety of functions such as a home office, spa enclosure or game room.


Government Use

State and federal parks often turn to yurts for their small environmental footprint, and can be used as campground rentals, interpretive centers or military recreation lodgings. Inexpensive and portable, yurts come in handy for public gathering places like classrooms, meeting halls or community centers. As of 2016, there are currently approximately 200 yurts in Oregon State Parks.

View our infographic about The Many Uses of Yurts and download the PDF here.

Business, Personal and Government Uses for Yurts Infographic