Airbnb yurt rentals are changing how we vacation, and they’ve seen a rise in popularity amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Airbnbs and VRBOs are offering prime yurt getaways for people wanting to safely vacation away from urban areas. They offer full-service amenities, including kitchens and bathrooms, which make staying for longer periods of time convenient and comfortable. 

This spike in the number of people preferring yurt Airbnb rentals over hotels is turning yurts into a great investment opportunity for business owners. It’s an upward trend that is only expected to continue throughout 2021. 

Choosing a Yurt Airbnb Vacation

We love yurts for the ideal getaway from urban areas. Yurts are readily accessible to travelers on the coast, in the mountains, or even in a host’s backyard. Here are four reasons why Airbnb yurt rentals are booming among travelers. 

1. A Yurt Airbnb Allows for Social Distancing

Unlike hotels, Yurt Airbnbs make it easier for guests to keep socially distanced. Even those located on the property of their host are usually positioned far enough away that contact is not necessary. They also abide by Airbnb’s strict cleaning rules to help ensure guests are staying in safe and spotless spaces. 

For more rural retreats, the best yurt camping sites position their yurts so they are isolated from each other, granting guests privacy and distance. Many have small kitchens and bathrooms attached to make for an even more comfortable and convenient stay. 

2. Ability to Temporarily Work and Live in a New Place 

In this unprecedented time, working from home has become the new normal for many. In fact, approximately 60% of companies expect this to be a long-lasting or even permanent trend. Travelers are embracing yurt getaways as a safe and comfortable place to work. Not only can they bask in a beautiful environment and enjoy the comforts of home, they can share the experience with their family or loved ones. Imagine taking a Zoom call in a peaceful environment as the kids play outside in nature!

3. The Best Yurt Camping Sites are an Escape from Urban Life


Maybe you want to get away from urban life but still want all the comforts of home at your destination. Hotels might not feel as safe during a pandemic. Yurts are the solution. Yurts are usually located away from highly-populated cities and towns, but not without internet, plumbing, and heat. Many are also centrally located so their guests have access to both outdoor activities and city resources.

4. Yurts Rentals Support the Local Economy

It goes without question that the pandemic has created challenging times for many business owners. If you’re looking for a way to vacation while supporting the local economy, staying in a yurt is a wonderful way to do it. They are usually hosted by local residents so guests know they’re investing their travel dollars in local communities. 

For those interested in turning their yurt into a business, now is the opportune time.  It could also be profitable for yurt owners to turn their personal yurts into a business with Airbnb. Yurt owners who have done this have reported making upwards of $500 per month from their yurt rentals. In a time when work and money might be scarce, transforming a yurt into an Airbnb rental could be a profitable decision. 

Find a Pacific Yurts Getaway Near You

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful place to get work done while enjoying all that nature has to offer or just looking to get away from it all, there’s bound to be a Pacific Yurt for you. Ready to find your home away from home? Our yurt vacations search feature makes it easy to locate a Pacific Yurt to fit your needs anywhere in the United States!

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