Want to make money while you’re on vacation? Interested in building affordable lodging to generate income? Turning a yurt into a rental property could be the right solution. In fact, Airbnb yurt rentals make for profitable investments for those interested in making additional income. These unique circular living spaces are becoming the go-to Airbnb choices for glampers and outdoor enthusiasts looking for a vacation rental property unlike any other. They’re also great investment properties because they’re affordable to build and less expensive to maintain compared to more traditional rental properties.

On average, Airbnb estimates hosts could make about $1,500 a month by using their service. However, most yurt Airbnb listings start at $55 per night. To get an estimate for your property, you can use Airbnb’s earnings potential estimation tool. The rental rate could certainly increase after accounting for amenities, location, and other quantifiable factors that can entice guests to book. While a variety of things determine the price of your yurt rental, here are a few ways to make your yurt vacation rental more successful.

“The yurt is finished and we have a steady stream of Airbnb guests paying upwards of $200 per night to stay in it. Their reviews are excellent. The Douglas Fir wood is wonderful. Makes our eastern SPF spruce/pine/fir look like balsa wood. Excellent craftsmanship. We chose Pacific Yurts for their reputation”– Dave Channon, New York

1. Rent your yurt in a natural and exciting area.

When looking at some of the best yurts on Airbnb, location is everything. We recommend showcasing your yurt’s proximity to recreational areas instead of how close it is to busier urban areas. Most glampers are interested in visiting natural landmarks like rock formations, hiking locations, or National Parks.  This means Airbnb vacation rentals situated along lakes and rivers, nature trails, or mountains are likely to have a higher rental rate and get more reservations.

2. List amenities that provide unforgettable glamping experiences.

Along with location, making the most money from your yurt listing on Airbnb also correlates with the amenities you offer. Yurts marketed as “outdoor getaways” tend to have more basic accommodations and offer a more rustic experience. These include things like natural kitchens (with outdoor cooking materials), propane-heated outdoor showers, or skylights for stargazing. 

Consider offering your guests a luxurious glamping experience instead. Glampers will pay more for an elevated experience, which can include upscale amenities like hot tubs, and decks


with fire pits. Step up your guests’ adventures even more by providing outdoor activity kits with things like bikes, kayaks, and fishing gear. The more perks you add, the easier it is to increase your nightly rate anywhere from $100 to $150 per night.

3. Rent around holidays and popular travel seasons.

If you’re using your yurt as a dwelling and a rental rather than exclusively an investment property, availability plays a major role in the amount of money you can make on Airbnb. Try listing your yurt around major holidays, long weekends, and popular vacation seasons to attract more visitors and glampers. In fact, rental rates across the country increase 35 percent over the Thanksgiving holiday and 56 percent over the winter holidays. If you’re already planning to escape during a peak weekend, consider listing your yurt to make some extra money while you’re away on your adventure! 

How Much Could You Make Renting your Pacific Yurt on Airbnb?

Investing in a Pacific Yurt is an excellent way to expand your earnings at a relatively low buy-in cost. If you’re still struggling to nail down a nightly rental rate for your Pacific Yurt, take a look at Airbnb’s cost calculator. It’s a good way to learn more about rental estimates based on the market and your area’s competition. Creating a pricing strategy for peak seasons, slow seasons, and in-between can also help increase how much you make.

With a plethora of enhancements available, our yurts provide sustainable rental properties with a high-ceiling for customization that could generate an average of $924 a month. This is assuming every weekend is booked and depends on factors such as amenities offered, seasonality and more. 

Would you like to become an Airbnb host and interested in owning a Pacific Yurt? Contact us today and let us know how we can help.