yurtel-veneta-ownersJim and Patricia Haddock never planned to start a yurt bed and breakfast in the heart of Oregon’s wine country. It just kind of happened. The husband-and-wife duo opened Yurtel-Veneta in 2016 to attract travelers to Veneta, Oregon with the added bonus of making a little extra income. Their property has since transformed into one of the area’s premiere glamping spots by turning three Pacific Yurts into unforgettable themed escapes with elevated comfort and hospitality.

Yurtel-Veneta’s Unique Pacific Yurts 

outdoor-yurtel-venetaEach Pacific Yurt has a different and unique theme to it. Yogi’s Den includes bear carvings and paintings of pristine mountains to evoke a rustic and natural Alaskan environment. The Camelot yurt uses medieval decor like a castle wall extension, a dramatic wood headboard, and a convincing-looking sword to transform it into a fun renaissance haven. The Mystical Rose yurt turns on the charm with whimsical flowery furniture to deliver a more traditional experience. 

No matter which yurt guests choose, the Haddocks spoil them as much as possible. Each structure features full amenities like air conditioning, Wi-Fi and a full bathroom for added comfort and convenience. A fresh homemade breakfast also nourishes visitors every morning of their stay. During summer happy hours, visitors can also sip on piquant mango margaritas and wine or return to their yurt to relax. 

For those who want to dive even deeper into the local wine scene, seven wineries are within a 15-minute drive from your yurt. The bustling Oregon Country Fair is also near Yurtel-Veneta and draws guests to explore the diverse flavors of more than 80 food booths, crafts by 300-plus artisans and performances on 19 stages in mid-July.

The Unexpected Beginnings of Yurtel-Veneta 

Before Yurtel-Veneta opened, the closest hotel to town required a 15-minute drive. The Haddocks then saw an opportunity to support the city and travelers by providing interior-of-yurtslodging in Veneta proper, but they weren’t interested in running a traditional hotel. So, they started a bed & breakfast inspired by Oregon’s wine country that delivers the same comfort of a hotel but in structures exclusive to their property. They later contacted Pacific Yurts‘ headquarters in Cottage Grove to schedule an appointment to learn more. 

The couple fell in love with our yurts at first sight. They realized they found the right lodging solution for their property that would fit perfectly among the landscape’s handsome sequoias and cedars. They also appreciate the quality of the yurt’s materials and their resilience in different weather environments. Before they left, they imagined guests watching the gorgeous views overlooking their property after picking up keys from Yurtel-Veneta’s office. The city also saw the Yurtel as a good opportunity for economic growth in the area. 

After purchasing them, three become the magic number. It took three months to do the site prep, build the platforms and assemble the yurts, and three hours to get the city’s preliminary approval. Soon after, special wall extensions and water heaters were installed after the yurts were assembled. Jim especially appreciated the quality of Pacific Yurts’ materials. He’s reported no issues.

Helpful Yurt Buying Tips from Oregon’s Wine Country

yurts-outdoorsBuilding the Yurtel has taught the Haddocks a thing or two about owning a yurt for the first time. Jim recommends future yurt owners define what they want from their yurt. He also notes that it’s very important for the fire department and city to approve any project before breaking ground. 

Securing enough funding is also key. First-time yurt owners are going to want to customize their spaces with features such as decking that could result in more time than anticipated. Lastly, Jim Haddock encourages more people to look into buying a yurt. Yurts are for everyone, he says.

Starting your own Yurtel or looking for other unique ways to use a yurt? Contact us and let us know how we can help you start a yurt business and more.