Happy Yurt CampersFrom their very beginning, yurts were made for families. Within the nomadic tribes of Central Asia, each family yurt (or Ger) was the hub of life for the family unit. The modern yurt is also an ideal lodging option for families looking to spend quality time together, indoors or out. Their circular shape and the often accompanying fire pit outside, bring families together for food, rest, and fun.

For many families, children and yurts go together far better than children and tents. This blog post explains just some the numerous reasons why.

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No Set-up Time with Yurt Rental Camping

Yurt camping at parks or campgrounds with kids requires none of the typical camping set up that can be difficult with little ones. There’s no trying to pitch a tent while keeping an eye on a toddler, crouching down to put up travel cribs, or dealing with extreme weather with only a nylon barrier between your child and the elements. Yurts are solid, secure, offer high ceilings and are temperate. Plus, you can enjoy listening to the rain from the comfort of your yurt, rather than feeling the raindrops on yourself and your belongings in a tent.

Space for Games and Movement

Anyone who has tried tent camping with little ones will be able to tell you that even a large tent feels small if the children need to be inside of it for more than just sleeping. Modern yurts offer space for dressing, indoor games, and even meals when young ones need to be in chairs or held for feedings.

The Choice of Deluxe or Rustic

24' Glamping Yurt InteriorModern yurts are available in a wide range of styles, from wilderness rustic to deluxe glamping. Those who prefer luxury can still have an outdoor connection with the amenities of home (electricity and plumbing), while those who want to retain the feel of camping can do so by finding rentals with eco-friendly options such as composting toilets and lanterns or solar power.

Here are some things to keep in mind when yurt camping with kids:

  • Have a food plan: Contact the owner or manager ahead of time to ask if there are any supplies you’ll need to bring (condiments, coffee, etc.). Then, stop by a grocery store on your way to the campsite to grab snacks and other ingredients to make family meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If your yurt isn’t equipped with a kitchen or outdoor grill, most rentals are conveniently located to nearby towns with restaurant options.
  • Keep pinching pennies: Families have to make a little go a long way. You can save money by booking a yurt camping adventure in the off-season.
  • Don’t forget about animals: Check ahead of time to make sure you get a yurt that allows you to bring family pets.

Great Yurt Spots for Families

Check out these popular places to try yurt camping with kids around the country:

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp: New York

Experience Adirondack camping at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp and more family fun than you can imagine. With water slides, themed weekends, organized family games, bonfires, and Hey, Hey, Hey rides –  this is the place for families to enjoy some time in a yurt, or as they call them, Mountain Cabanas!

Colorful Resort Yurt RentalsSky Ridge Yurts: North Carolina

Children and yurts are a match made in the Smokies at Sky Ridge Yurts. There is an abundance of family-friendly river rafting, mountain biking, and zip lining in this popular Smoky Mountain region just outside of Bryson City.

Smokey Hollow Campground: Wisconsin

The Smokey Hollow Campground caters to kids, young and old, with their resort swimming area, a giant jumping pillow, fun cycles, a dunk tank, jousting, and water wars. They even have themed weekends and parades!

Nehalem Bay State Park: Oregon

Located near the quaint town of Manzanita, Nehalem Bay State Park is beach park with miles of biking trails, lots of fishing and crabbing, and nearly 20 rustic yurts available for family fun. Seasonal Junior Ranger programs round out the offerings as well.

Pacific Yurt at Stone Mountain ParkStone Mountain Park: Georgia

Stone Mountain Park is Georgia’s most popular destination for vacationing families. With shows, weekend festivals, rides through the mountains, and a giant adventure course, it’s easy to see why. Luckily, they also have beautiful lakeside yurts for families of all sizes to enjoy.

Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort: Massachusetts

For the full family resort experience, Normandy Farms offers everything, including yurts! They have a full bike park, a creative arts center, a wellness center, and multiple playgrounds and pools. This is a not-to-be-missed vacation spot in the Northeast.

Resort Yurts Above WaterOrca Island Cabins: Alaska

Located in beautiful Seward, Alaska, Orca Island Cabins allows families to cozy up in their yurts after days of hiking, fishing, paddle boarding, and sea kayaking in and around the coastline of the world-famous Resurrection Bay. These yurts have one tremendous bonus as well: Stunning views!

Yosemite Pines RV Resort & Family Lodging: California

Camping with children and yurts can also be done while visiting the amazing Yosemite National Park. This idyllic spot on the map boasts every kind of family-friendly adventure imaginable from mountain hikes and horseback trail riding to river rafting and exploring historic towns. The resort itself offers plenty of areas for sports, games, and family fun as well.


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