As many yurt owners know, a yurt’s lattice possesses a particular character and history to it. The crisscrossing wood paneling has been an element of the yurt since Mongolian nomads first used these dwellings as sustainable mobile homes. We’ve continued to utilize this unique structural element in our modern yurt designs since we started producing yurts commercially way back in 1978.

While a yurt’s lattice may look practical in its appearance and use, many yurt owners look at it as a DIY canvas to express creativity. However, we know it can be challenging to know where to start when decorating your yurt. And while it can be tempting, you don’t always have to break the bank to spruce up or add more creativity to your circular abode. 

We also recommend that you don’t hang anything over 15 pounds from your lattice unless your yurt has the snow & wind kit. When this kit is installed, items are typically mounted onto the vertical rafter supports rather than the lattice wall itself. 

To encourage more family fun in your yurt, we’ve come up a series of creative and affordable ways to decorate your yurt’s lattice—DIY style! 

1. Turn your circular space into an art studio

DIY creatives know the benefits of using the yurt as an art studio, presenting them as a great place to show off your illustrations, paintings, or incredible collection of hand-knit potholders. Luckily for yurt owners and aspiring artists everywhere, a yurt’s lattice is the perfect place to create a DIY art gallery and present your work to friends and family in a circular environment. You can also start a yurt-related DIY arts and crafts night and display your family’s creativity from your yurt’s lattice. When you’re ready to present your work, we recommend using clothespins, s-hooks or other less intrusive or non-damaging methods to hang your masterpieces that are 15 pounds or less. 

2. Create a garden backdrop

If you have a green thumb (or simply love having a house full of plants), your yurt’s lattice is the perfect place to create a simple, yet beautiful arrangement of succulents or other small plants. With a variety of ways to hang, fasten, and pot your plants along your lattice, it’s easy to create a varied display of greenery to keep your yurt fresh and decorative without breaking the bank. If you’re able to, try finding a few different vessels to keep your plants in, from traditional miniature pots to hanging spheres of plastic or glass that maintains the integrity of the lattice by being 15 pounds or less. Just don’t forget to water your plants!

3. Add color to your yurt by painting your lattice

Need a new DIY yurt project? One of the easiest ways to freshen up your yurt’s lattice is by simply painting it. Painting your lattice is relatively affordable and allows you to add your own unique artistic flair to your circular home by transforming its appearance. If you’re someone who enjoys changing up your space frequently, commit to repainting your lattice every year, or add on designs, stencils, or additional colors as you see fit. 

4. Adorn your lattice with spectacular lighting

Adding lighting to a yurt is one of our favorite DIY yurt projects to take on. While all of our yurts include a dome skylight that provides natural lighting, location, weather, and access to electricity may encourage you to consider adding additional lighting. Decorating your lattice with tea lights, string lights, or any other form of sustainable and easy-to-implement illuminations are all great ways you can freshen up your space and improve its ambiance. Remember, even if you don’t have access to electricity, there are several lighting options available that run off of rechargeable batteries or solar power. DIY-ing your yurt has never been easier! 

5. Add hooks for hanging small kitchen items or clothing 

If you’re a practical creative, consider refreshing your lattice with command hooks, thumbtacks, and other adhesive devices. S-hooks are also a great way to hang items from the lattice wall and can be hooked virtually anywhere on the lattice. While this task may not be as elegant as an art gallery or adding DIY lighting fixtures, you can maximize your yurt’s space by hanging smaller household items from your lattice. Alternately, rope fastened to shelving can be tied directly to the tension cable. Make a spot by the front door to hang a coat, your favorite suit jacket, or your winter gear in the colder months. If you have a makeshift kitchen or cooking area, create a space to hang utensils, dish rags, or other lighter items you use daily. The possibilities are nearly endless, and every hook or basket you add will make your yurt cleaner and more comfortable in the long run, so long as you stay within the 15 pound weight limit.  

6. Build shelving that slides into the lattice.

If you’re looking for more DIY ways to store or stack everyday household items or art pieces, consider adding shelving that slides neatly into your lattice’s framework. Not only are they a great place to store any loose family items, but they’re also perfect for adding a personal touch to your yurt home. Display photos of friends and family, pictures of your adventures, or use your shelving to show exciting trinkets, flowers and other things found around your yurt’s natural area.