A common question we get asked is, “How secure is a yurt?” The short answer, very secure. In fact, we take security very seriously at Pacific Yurts. So much so that every yurt we manufacture includes a solid door with a high-quality residential lockset that carries a lifetime warranty. We also give you the option to add a traditional deadbolt or even a keyless deadbolt for added protection. Furthermore, the incredibly durable fabric exteriors and resilient lattice walls also act as a protectant that spans the full scope of the yurt, making the front door the only entryway. However, we know some yurts require more security than others, so we want to share a few ways you can improve your yurt’s security.

Below are some steps and recommendations on how you can protect your yurt using traditional home security technologies and other methods you may find helpful. For those who have additional questions around yurt safety, we’re also here to support you through other ways you can make your yurt safer.

1. Install a Full Security System

While many people build their yurts to escape the world of modern technology, there are plenty of advantages to adding a robust security system to your yurt that includes much of what we’ll talk about below. Even if you aren’t tech-savvy, installing even a simple security system can make the difference between preventing a possible breach and experiencing one. Security systems and apps like SimpliSafe and Vivint are relatively inexpensive after purchasing the equipment too. That said, a benefit of adding a system like those is that they connect directly to your smart device, letting you know if there’s been a disturbance in or around your yurt as soon as something happens, while recording and documenting what’s happening on your property or even alerting the police and more. 

2. Use Timed or Motion-Sensor Lights

If you’re not quite ready for a full security system or simply don’t need one, adding timed or motion-activated lighting around the perimeter of your yurt is one of the most effective security deterrents you can make. Additionally, timed lighting is also an excellent tool for keeping your yurt safe when you’re away on vacation or live in it part-time. For seasonal yurt owners, timed and motion-activated lights are an excellent way to discourage intruders or pests from entering your property while keeping it secure. Timers are fairly inexpensive, starting at around $12 and increasing depending on your needs. They are also easy to install, making them an ideal and affordable option for those looking to increase security on a budget.   

3. Install an Outdoor Camera System

Modern smart home security camera systems allow you to record what’s going on around your yurt while enabling you to set up notifications triggered by motion that can go directly to your phone or elsewhere. Displaying security cameras around your yurt also act as powerful deterrents for intruders attempting to access a property. Outdoor DIY security camera systems typically cost between $400 – $1,000, but can increase depending on your needs and the amount of cameras you want. 

Another option is getting a doorbell camera system. For those that prefer the extra layer of security, a motion activated front door camera like the SimpliSafe video doorbell ($169) could be a great way to add additional protection to your yurt while keeping you informed of any deliveries.  

4. Consider smart locks

As noted, every Pacific Yurts comes with a durable and high-quality door with a lockset that carries a lifetime warranty. We also offer deadbolt and keyless lock options, but some of our customers choose to add smart locks that are controllable from a smart device. Compared to traditional keyless deadbolts, which start around $75 and range up to $300 (locksmith installation not included), smart locks often cost closer to $150 and can go as high as $400. They aren’t terribly difficult to install, but they may require some professional supervision that may add to the cost. 

5. Keep your yurt’s exterior neat and tidy

It may seem odd, but another way to keep your yurt safe is by maintaining your yurt’s exterior and making it as neat and clean as possible. Start by assessing your lawn and eliminating potential hiding spots. Trim areas around your property like large plants, grass areas and trees. Make sure to store yard equipment or anything else that may clutter your property and secure storage areas with locks. You can also add smaller motion-sensor lights and cameras further from your yurt for added security as well. 

Pacific Yurts: Manufacturing secure and safe yurts since 1978

At Pacific Yurts safety is a top priority. If you’d like to learn more about yurt security or the safety of our yurts, check out our customer testimonials or contact us directly. We’re here for you.