A yurt vacation is unlike any other getaway. Staying in one of our round spaces—even if it’s only for a few days—brings feelings of serenity and community. Everyone can make conversations and play music with equal voices, making gatherings with family and friends feel truly special. Yurts also keep you warm and dry as you marvel at the elements like the wind blowing outside, and the tranquil sound of rain washing over the dome.

Whether you’re planning a bustling outing to the big city, or a relaxing getaway in the thick of the woods, a yurt is a perfect place Yurt nestled at Powder Mountainto stay for any vacation. Yurts also provide a vacation experience that’s more unique, sustainable, and affordable, allowing you to appreciate the natural environments surrounding you and your loved ones.

With more than 40 years in the yurt business, Pacific Yurts has provided thousands of yurts for customers around the globe. From the mountains of Colorado to a dude ranch in Texas, we offer hundreds of links to vacation choices for your next trip.

We also have the most comprehensive yurt rental directory available. Use our yurt vacations search tool to find the right yurt getaway fitting your style or event, whether you need to recharge for a weekend, or plan a vacation with your family.

Where Will You Take Your Next Yurt Vacation?

A Pacific Yurt can accommodate most vacation preferences, including a wonderful place to spend the night. Some yurts are restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat, and others are ski warming huts where you can step in for a breather after a day on the slopes.

VRBO Yurt In NYAre you interested in a backyard garden retreat surrounded by a waterfall and sequoias in Portland, Oregon? How about stopping by for a complimentary tour of Utah’s gorgeous Powder Mountain outside its Mountain Adventure Yurt, or warming your hands by a glowing fireplace at an inspiring solar yurt in New York state?

Our yurt vacations search tool helps you explore your favorite options by looking for yurts near exciting destiMystical Rose Yurt at Yurtel Venetanations people love. All you need to do is enter the location, whether by country, state or zip code, and the results will pop up instantly in alphabetical order. From there, you can conveniently browse your area in either list or map form. Once you find an area you’d like to visit, click on the name of the yurt to be redirected to its website.

If you’re feeling daring and ready to travel somewhere unexpected, you can even search for yurts across the United States as a whole. Maybe you’ll end up glamping in Hat Creek Resort at Lassen National Forest, or enjoying a unique bed and breakfast in Oregon. The possibilities are endless.

One-of-a-Kind Yurt Vacations Are a Go

The next time you’re tempted to Google “where to stay in a yurt near me,” you have a better option to discover a new and exciting yurt by visiting our website. Pacific Yurts is ready to assist you with selecting a yurt vacation of your dreams.

Commercial operators using Pacific Yurts should also contact us if you’d like to join our listings.