We have always been proud of our reputation as the premier manufacturer of environmentally friendly yurts that are as economically beneficial as they are efficient. That noted, even if you are ready to buy a yurt, you may be looking for ways to finance one. The great news is that, with just a small percentage down, you might be able to qualify for a loan or line of credit that could cover the cost of the yurt and any expenses you might have through the build process. The bad news is that some lenders still don’t recognize the yurt as a permanent structure, which could make it difficult to benefit from traditional home lending options. However, we’re here to support you through your journey towards purchasing a yurt by offering helpful advice that will make the process easier. 

So, how do you finance a yurt? Here are a few of the best options to explore when looking for ways to fund the Pacific Yurt of your dreams! 

Finance Your Yurt as a Business 

Pacific Yurt owners often come up with creative and engaging ways to utilize their yurt spaces to make additional income, whether it’s by renting their circular dwellings out as glamping destinations like Orca Island Cabins or hosting yoga and wellness retreats

If you are planning to use your yurt as a business, you should be able to finance through North Star Leasing (https://www.yurts.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/Why-Finance-with-Us-Pacific-Yurts.pdf), or might be eligible for a business loan rather than a traditional home loan. Business loans are universally available in the United States and could be a more natural path to take for many entrepreneurs seeking financing options for unique structures. You’ll want to start by speaking with a lender at a credit union or your bank to see if your professional endeavor qualifies. You’ll also want to check your state’s zoning codes and rules before breaking ground on an investment property as well. 

Take Out a Loan for Land

If you’re looking to build a yurt on a new property, another possible way to fund your circular dwelling is by taking out a loan for the land you wish to build it on. Keep in mind that some banks and loan institutions might be hesitant to offer yurt lending options because some don’t consider them permanent structures yet. However, most financial institutions will give you a loan for the land the yurt will sit on, but you have to be transparent about how you intend to use it. Once you’re approved, you’re free to build the yurt of your dreams on your beautiful new property. 

Personal Loans and Credit Cards  

Many of our customers choose to buy their yurts using a credit card (to take advantage of earning air miles or points) or a personal line of credit through a credit union. Some also take out personal loans through their banks or other financial institutions to fund more significant purchases where possible. Depending on who you partner with to support your yurt, either option varies in interest rates and stipulations, so you’ll want to make sure to do your homework before borrowing to make an educated decision. And while all of these routes differ from traditional home loans, they still provide the possibility of financing your alternative structure by providing you with the essential funding to build a yurt.