With glamping’s meteoric rise in popularity, the influx of apps and tools has created positive movement in a once untouched industry. Platforms like Hipcamp and Glamping Hub have made listing and booking luxurious structures like yurts easier than ever, so those eager to try glamping for the first time are often rewarded with spectacular views, unique locations, and treasured memories after staying in one. 

If you haven’t dipped your toe into the world of glamping, finding the perfect spot amongst every option out there can be overwhelming. Not to mention, if you live in a heavily trafficked glamping area, it may be challenging to find a spot at all. We want to help by offering simple strategies that will make the process of finding the perfect luxury yurt rental easier for beginner glampers planning their next upscale getaway.

How to Choose a Glamping Yurt Experience 

In a similar sense to booking a traditional camping spot, glamping experiences run the gamut from uber-luxurious to simpler or rustic spots offering nothing more than a peaceful place to rest and read. Here are a few main areas to consider when booking your next glamping retreat. 

Consider budget 

Queen sized bed inside a small Pacific yurt.

One of the top considerations when choosing a glamping experience should be how much you’re willing to spend. Glamping, while traditionally associated with camping, is a natural form of adventure travel that offers luxury comfort. Meaning, the price of your yurt rental may vary greatly depending on location, amenities, and accessibility. One example of a high-end yurt is the Treebones Resort in Big Sur, California. Their Pacific Yurts offer luxurious comfort with ocean views starting at $274 per night. In contrast, more conservative yurts at state parks around the country provide glamping accommodations for $75 per night or less. It’s fair to say that most glamping rentals can be booked anywhere between these figures, but could increase depending on how luxurious you want your vacation to be.

Assess different booking platforms

Apart from pricing, consider the platform you’d like to use. While there are a handful of excellent options available, each online listing site tends to lean toward a specific audience, meaning the same searches on each platform may yield entirely different results. Airbnb tends to feature more urban glamping yurts or those that are privately owned and well-established as rentals. Sites like Hipcamp and Glamping Hub are mainly focused on high-interest glamping locales (and often include more rustic listings), while many state park sites feature yurts that are publicly owned and bookable through Recreation.gov. Still, other yurt glamping destinations offer bookings through their own website, so it may also be worth booking with a business directly over an online aggregator. 

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Additional Key Considerations 

With a few tools at your disposal, finding the perfect yurt site can be as easy as figuring out where you’d like to go glamping or camping seasonally. However, there are a few additional things to keep in mind before reserving a luxury yurt for your next glamping trip. 

Plan Your Vacation Around the Appropriate Weather 

Pacific Yurt on the coast with a wooden deck with two Adirondack chairs and a small side table.

While modern yurt technology allows you to stay comfortable in any weather and will protect you from any exterior elements while indoors, seasonality often dictates the kind of vacation you’ll have. You may want to rent a yurt to spend a weekend relaxing in Oregon’s state parks or choose to stay at one near a ski resort. Alternatively, you may want to bask in the summer sun or catch epic coastal views close to your yurt’s patio. Whether you decide to adventure outdoors or rejuvenate indoors, your yurt will keep you sheltered and cozy during most seasonal glamping vacations in plenty of different climates.

Choose the Right Amenities 

Right alongside the weather are your amenities. The highest-end glamping yurts offer full bathrooms, kitchen areas, and lounging areas. But because all Pacific Yurts are highly customizable, no yurt is the same, and some even offer more comfort than others, but any vetted rental should keep you comfortable. Start by double-checking that your yurt has the amenities you’re looking for (cookstove, interior bathroom, living area, etc.) so that you’re getting exactly what you want during your glamping weekend!

Accommodations Centered Around Party Size

In addition, think about your party’s size as you choose which type of yurt you’d like to rent. Yurts are designed circularly, but some owners create separate rooms, or, at the very least, separate spaces divided by a short wall to provide different interior layouts. Generally, though, most yurts are one single open space that allows travelers to connect and stay centered inside the structure. However, plenty of luxury yurt rentals include separate bathrooms, kitchen spaces, or even loft areas that maximize the space and elevate privacy during a stay.

Where to Book a Yurt on Your Next Glamping Trip 

In addition to varying price points and platforms, it’s important to consider locale when choosing the best glamping spot for your next adventure. If you’d like to spend the weekend hammocking and taking in an incredible view, then prioritize yurts that offer scenery and accommodations over their access to trails or other activities. If you’re an avid hiker and don’t plan on being in your yurt except to gaze up at the stars, pick a more rustic accommodation in favor of surrounding activities you may not use. 

Looking for a place to yurt glamp? Don’t worry. We have you covered. Amongst the world’s best glamping locales, here are a few of our favorite glamping yurts: 

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