Modern Yurts and Vacation Destinations - The Perfect PairingAs the pace of work and life increases, so do our needs for rest and relaxation. We are all getting more familiar with the ill effects of long-term stress and schedule strains. As a result, vacations are rapidly becoming less of an optional luxury and more of a necessary break for a large portion of the workforce. Studies repeatedly show vacations to be linked to healthy bodies, minds, and relationships. They reduce stress and increase healthy interpersonal and communicative behaviors, both in family and work life. And, as it turns out, all of these benefits are only enhanced further when vacations are paired with modern yurts.

Yurt companies are no longer the only ones touting the benefits of yurt getaways. The word is out: Yurts make for wonderful vacation lodging. The truth of this becomes especially clear when the other trends in travel are considered. Download the full infographic here to learn more about yurt vacation rentals across the country.

3 Benefits of Yurt Vacations

Yurts are Perfect as Ecotourism Lodging

24' Pacific Yurt With Deck By RiverEcotourism is on the rise and has been for the last few decades. Tourism itself accounts for a large portion of the global economy and ecotourism is a huge part of that. Ecotourism is defined in simplest terms as responsible travel. In terms of vacations, ecotourism encompasses traveling to natural destinations and making one’s stay as beneficial as possible to the community and natural surroundings there. Studies and surveys done recently by the World Tourism Organization, Conde Nast, and TripAdvisor show ecotourism to be at the forefront of the travel industry and in the minds of vacationers. This makes it a wonderful complement to yurt getaways. The minimal footprint and sustainability offered by a yurt vacation are a perfect fit.


Yurts are Highly Conducive to Family Time

Happy Yurt CampersAs gas prices have gone down in recent years, family vacations have gone up. According to a study by AAA, road trips, national parks, and theme parks are the most popular vacation choices for families. And, all three are easy to pair with yurt rentals along the route, in our State or National Parks, and close to all of the best amusement parks. Families love the community feel of a yurt. The natural acoustics and circular shape bring people together for sharing stories, playing games, and laughing over meals. Family pets can often come along and be a part of the fun too, as many yurt rentals are pet friendly. Plus, yurt vacations are a great way to “let kids be kids.” Of course, it certainly doesn’t hurt that most yurt getaways involve s’mores over a campfire, too.


Yurts Connect You with Nature, but with Some Conveniences

24' Glamping Yurt InteriorWith other societal trends moving towards minimalism, reducing screen time, and getting more fresh air and exercise, there are several benefits to vacationing in a modern yurt related to a deeper connection with nature. Yurts are affordable ways to keep things simple, escape the devices, and spend more time out of doors. Even their round shape and natural lighting connect yurt lovers more deeply to their natural surroundings. But yurts are a long way from tent camping. They have been at the forefront of the glamping industry since its inception. Yurt builders and hosts alike go to great lengths to ensure that their yurts offer all the joys of camping, just with fewer bugs, better beds, and more comfort!


Ready to plan your getaway?

For anyone looking to plan a vacation this year—perhaps to one of the top vacation destinations in Hawaii, Colorado, Oregon, or North Carolina—you will find Pacific Yurts all along your route. We make this easy with our Yurt Vacations tool. Simply search your route or your desired destination and find Pacific Yurt rentals across the country and internationally as well.

Take a look at the infographic below and download it here.