Photo of Dawn Tan in her yurtAn increasing number of creative artists are able to make their living by selling their work online and are finding that a modern yurt is the ideal art studio space. And we couldn’t agree more!

Many artists prefer a studio that is separate from their living spaces for many reasons. Some of the reasons are related to the basic physical space needed to create, some are psychological benefits, and some are simple business practicalities related to making a living from their craft.

  • Physical Space: Working with and storing materials, such as canvases, paint, supplies, clay, plaster, or other media requires significant space. In a dedicated studio, materials don’t need to be set up and taken down constantly; the artist can just walk in and pick up where work stopped the day before.
  • Psychological Boundaries: A separate space is important for a good work-life balance. It allows for an appropriate boundary between an artist’s work time and rest or family time. This allows the artist to mentally switch gears as needed between the two. And, while inspiration is important to the creative life, those who make a living from Artists at Little Art Yurttheir work usually can’t rely on it solely. They must establish work times (and work places), in order to be more productive.
  • Business Practicalities: Even artists have to be business-minded sometimes. A dedicated studio can become a gallery space for the artist to sell finished pieces, have their work photographed for promotion, or put their pieces on display for visitors and receptions. In some places, it’s also important for tax purposes for those making a living from their creative work. Some choose to rent out their yurt space in order to create a collaborative environment and to share expenses. This helps artists get the space they need at a cost they can afford.

Yurts Make Beautiful Studios

14' Backyard studio yurtIt’s been said that just because art can be done anywhere doesn’t mean that it should be. This is because the work itself is affected by the space it’s created in. Painting in a yurt and painting in a dark, messy corner of one’s basement are naturally very likely to have different results.

A modern yurt is an ideal space for both work flow and creativity. The abundance of natural lighting is a luxury for an artist, and the serenity of the yurt design makes for a peaceful getaway. Yurts for artists allow for the space and light they need, thanks to high ceilings and the circular shapes And, for musicians and music lovers, the acoustics are incredible.

With such a beautiful studio space, the motivation to “get to work” is easier to find! Artists say they become more productive and prolific working in a yurt space. No wonder artist studios in yurts are popping up everywhere!

Pacific Yurts Teams Up with Make-A-Wish® Foundation to Build an Art Yurt

Pacific Yurts had the honor of joining a team of businesses and volunteers in granting the wish of Sofia Urbina, an art-loving 7-year-old with a rare genetic disorder. With generous help from the foundation and dedicated volunteers from the community, Sofia got a Make-a-Wish Art Yurt right in her backyard!

For more information about creating a studio for your artistic work, please explore our site and feel free to call with any questions you might have. We would love to help you get the artistic yurt of your dreams!

Screenshot from KGW Make a Wish Video about Dream Art Studio Yurt