Best places to list your yurt rental

Whether you’re a longtime Pacific Yurt owner or a newly-interested yurt builder seeking to earn additional income you may be asking yourself ‘where can I list my yurt rental online?’. Here are a few of the best sites to include your Pacific Yurt rental.

Airbnb: Yurt Rentals for Any Occasion

As the most popular online rental platform, Airbnb has enjoyed a significant boost in yurt listings thanks to its massive user base and brand appeal. They’ve also added a filter that lets travelers search for yurts individually so travelers can find glamping-specific lodging and luxury yurt rentals with more ease.

Keep in mind that Airbnb’s service fees start at 3% and could increase based on cancellation policies and other minor details. However, getting started on Airbnb is risk-free and straightforward, as your yurt’s availability and the price range is entirely up to you.

Hipcamp: Rustic and Glamping Yurts in the Wild

Hipcamp was built for a niche group of users who prefer to market their properties as camping or “glamping” destinations. The main benefit of Hipcamp over other platforms is its millennial appeal and commitment to listing places focused on the outdoors. 

For yurt owners, it can become a very lucrative place to list your reservation to capitalize on the growing glamping trend. With no listing fee, it’s also the most comfortable place to rent your yurt without investing a lot of time or money upfront. Additionally, once you start hosting travelers, Hipcamp only takes 10% of each transaction, leaving owners with the remaining 90% profit and a more significant piece of the pie by the end of a reservation.

Glamping Hub: Luxury and High-End Lodging

Glamping Hub’s dedication to curating a well-rounded and unique collection of outdoor listings makes it a one-of-a-kind in the glamping and outdoor rental industry. A self-proclaimed platform for “luxury camping accommodations,” their website is the ideal place for yurt owners whose properties boast exceptional views and luxury amenities. 

They only charge yurt owners a 4% commission fee for each confirmed booking instead of a standard listing fee. Their in-house team of writers can also personally curate and optimize your listing to ensure it stays competitive across the platform to make things easier.


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