Warm weather is approaching and that means more chances to spend time outdoors. Luckily, there are several prime Pacific Yurt destinations near national and state parks for you to explore. We’ve compiled a list of the must-see yurts near national parks to help you find the perfect getaway. Keep reading for some of our favorites and start planning your yurt vacation. 

Best Yurts for Glamping Near National Parks

pacific yurt in the woods

Yurts in national parks offer a comfortable place to relax at the end of a long day seeing incredible natural sites and enjoying the outdoors. These are some of our favorite yurt glamping spots near national parks. 

Huckleberry Yurt at Happy Tails

Small, comfortable, and family friendly: Happy Tails near Mount Rainier National Park has one of the coziest yurts for your yurt vacation. This yurt is fully equipped with microwave, refrigerator, and WiFi. A mini HVAC system provides heat and air conditioning, making this yurt comfortable to visit all year round. Staying here means you’ll have easy access to the trails, lakes, and vistas surrounding the magnificent Mt. Rainier. 

Yosemite Lakes RV Park: Thousand Trails

Thousand Trails has several camping resorts across California. This one located near Yosemite National Park comes with restrooms, laundry, and a general store. A stay here comes with all the amenities you’d find at home. You have access to the national park as well as more local trails for nature hikes. Choose from a variety of yurts by selecting “Rentals” and scrolling to the bottom. With yurt rental locations by rivers, in meadows, and on hillsides, there is something for everyone at Thousand Trails. 

Vermillion Valley Resort

Vermillion Lake is a prime destination for fishing and other lake activities. It’s located near Yosemite National Park and Mammoth Lake. You should choose Vermillion Valley Resort if you want access to all the activities the area around Yosemite has to offer. Mono Hot Springs, Inyo National Forest, and so much more are within easy reach when Vermillion is your home base. The yurt here comes with a kitchenette and simple bed. 

Best Yurts for Glamping Near State Parks

yurt with deck

Yurts first started making appearances in state parks in the 1990s. Since then they’ve become a staple for many state park campgrounds throughout the country. Here are some of our favorite yurt rentals that are near State Parks. 

Oz Farm

At Oz Farm you’ll find yurts that are simple, yet comfortable. Available with small kitchenettes, beds, and a woodfire stove, these yurts are the perfect example of glamping near state parks. Oz Farm facilitates yoga, meditation, and cooking getaways. It’s located in the hills near Manchester State Park, only a short drive to the California coast. Check out this yurt destination if you want a relaxing vacation. 

The Vineyard Yurt

The Vineyard Yurt is perfectly located for those wanting a luxurious wine-tasting getaway. It’s located near the base of Mt. Adams, along the Columbia River Gorge. Blue Elk Farms and Vineyard is nearby, giving you easy access to wine tasting backdropped by gorgeous scenery. The yurt comes with a small kitchenette, bathroom, and large deck overlooking the valley below. 

The Yurts at Seven Peaks

Located in Central Oregon, The Yurts at Seven Peaks is perfectly positioned with access to Smith Rock State Park, the Deschutes River, and Bend. It’s one of the best places for a family yurt vacation due to the huge variety of activities that are available. These yurts are complete with indoor kitchens, comfortable beds, and plenty of space for inside activities. Check these out if you’re looking for a rustic and comfortable stay near Central Oregon state parks. 

Finding Your Pacific Yurt Vacation Rental

There’s a yurt for everyone, especially those looking for a getaway to a national or state park. Use our yurt location finder to pinpoint Pacific Yurts near your chosen destination or contact us today. 

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