Yurts can have as much character as you want to put into them. They are versatile, unique, and can be designed to match your preferences. Here at Pacific Yurts we’re focused on providing you with the best yurt to match your needs. However, if you’re looking for a little inspiration to fuel your yurt projects, keep reading while we take a look at some of the best yurt upgrades. 

Pacific Yurt Upgrades 

A Pacific Yurt is a blank canvas for you to explore different ideas and innovations to make your yurt as unique as you. These modern yurts have a range of features for you to explore. 

Wood or Gas Stove 

pacific yurt wood burning stove

Wood and gas stoves are unique in their ability to make any space feel warm and comfortable. They are ideal for keeping your yurt warm in the winter and they aren’t as complicated to install as you might think. There are five simple steps to this installation, and all you need is the proper supplies and tools. Wood or gas stoves are especially nice to have in your yurt if you use it as a guest house, Airbnb, office, or studio because of the special ambiance they can add. 

Yurt Interior Storage

Part of the charm of yurt living is the ability to thrive with only the essentials. However, if you need to store a lot of possessions in your yurt, you can get creative. It’s especially useful to know these tricks if your yurt is meant for guests. If you’ve built your yurt on an elevated platform, the first place to look for storage is down. This enclosed space can be customized with a lock and is ideal for storing outdoor or seasonal gear. If below isn’t an option, look up. Depending on the yurt’s size you might be able to build a loft area. This adds more storage space and gives character to the yurt interior. 

Modern Yurt Lighting

pacific yurt modern interior lighting

Lighting is one of the most innovative ways you can get creative with your yurt. Contrary to standard yurt design, you can adjust the lighting of your yurt interior to complement the space to your liking. Pacific Yurts owners have gotten creative by hanging unique lights from the rafters and decorating the outside of their yurts with outdoor lights. You can also add lamps and nightlights with personality to spruce up your space. 

DIY Yurt Decorating

Your yurt lattice is one of the most versatile parts of the yurt when it comes to DIY decorating. If you want to make your yurt unique without spending a lot of money, here is the perfect option. Some yurt owners have painted the lattice walls of their yurts to add color to the space, others have added vines that trail up the walls. Anything from floating bookshelves to fun pieces of art or hanging fabric wall panels can be considered. Those who feel the lattice can be distracting and busy like to break it up with neutral colored fabric panels hung from the tension cable along the lattice wall. This can provide visual relief from the lattice pattern. The important thing here is to choose what speaks to you and the space you want your yurt to represent. 

Solar Powered Yurts

Solar powered yurts are on the rise. If you live somewhere that gets plenty of sunlight and have the resources to install solar panels adjacent to your yurt, this is an exceptionally helpful yurt upgrade. There are a variety of sizes when it comes to solar panels for your yurt. The first step is to calculate your energy needs and explore your solar power options based on this. Yurts with solar panels are a wonderful way to keep your yurt eco-friendly. 

Other Walls and Structures

pacific yurt loft

You can divide up the space in your yurt by adding interior walls. These features can make a yurt look and feel more like a typical home. They can separate a kitchen from a bedroom and isolate a bathroom away from the rest of the yurt interior. Pacific Yurt owners have taken it a step further and built exterior structures that connect to their yurt. There are no limits to how you structure the inside or external additions to your yurt. Plus, with new features like our power dome opener, you’ll always find ways to upgrade your space.

How to Upgrade Your Pacific Yurt

Pacific Yurts knows how to build a yurt that matches your needs. You have absolute freedom when it comes to how to decorate the inside of your yurt and how to expand upon the exterior. Contact us today to take the first steps toward getting your first yurt or upgrading your existing one. 

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6 ways yurt owners can upgrade their pacific yurt