Yurt Campground Pet FriendlyWhy opt for a yurt over a standard hotel room? Because yurts are affordable, unique, and more closely connected to nature.

Why Yurt Camping is the Best of All Worlds

Campgrounds and resorts across the U.S. offer yurt accommodations, often with electric heat, grills or BBQs, beds, and even linens. Those who don’t mind “roughing it” can select a campground-style yurt, with showers and restrooms in a separate facility. Glamping enthusiasts who pine for luxury can rent completely furnished yurts with all the comforts of home, such as TVs, kitchenettes, and appliances. Today’s yurt experience is varied, ranging from simple structures with plywood floors to completely furnished private palaces.

Park, campground, and Airbnb hosts will find visitors eager to rent yurts. Many would-be campers are put off by the hard work and discomfort that so often accompany tent camping. But, Yurts are perfect for those who want to commune with nature, offering many camping benefits without sacrificing their creature comforts. Retirees, single-parent families, and young people seek out yurt accommodations. Cozy yurts bring a new sense of fun to the camping experience—the cookie cutter hotel room experience simply cannot compare. Many park owners find yurts to be a new and reliable stream of income, as visitors are often so enchanted that they return year after year.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of staying in a yurt rather than a hotel room.

Top 5 Reasons to Stay in a Yurt Over a Hotel

1. Affordability

Many travelers find they can cut their rooming costs in half by selecting a yurt over a hotel room.

Black and white dog sitting on a rock.2. Pet-Friendliness

Travel with Fluffy or Fido? Pet owners often find that yurts offer more flexibility regarding pet rules and are usually charged lower pet fees than hotels. Many state park systems are catching onto the popularity of pet-friendly camping options, and adding pet-positive yurts. Pacific Yurts have been attracting visitors to Oregon State Parks for many years now. Twenty-two Oregon State Parks offer pet-friendly yurts and cabins.

3. Unique Amenities

Yurts are circular, self-supporting structures with long rafters coalescing toward a central dome. During the day, the dome allows sunlight to illuminate the entire yurt interior. Starlight shines through the dome at night, allowing stargazing from bed!

The yurt’s round shape has an unusual impact on many people. Peace, comfort, and safety are common sensations upon walking into a yurt. Because yurts “just feel good” they make excellent retreat centers. There is something about the round shape of yurts that has been charming people for centuries.

Four kids sitting around a campfire in front of a Pacific Yurt.4. Kids’ activities

In a hotel, kids can wake up at the crack of dawn, stuck inside with only a TV to occupy their minds. Plus, the hotel pool is only open during certain hours or seasonal periods depending on its location. In yurts, exploration of their natural surroundings can keep kids occupied during daylight hours, while mom and dad get to kick back and enjoy the beauty. Bringing board games, books, or even toys like a soccer ball or a Frisbee, will keep kids busy indoors or outside the yurt.

5. Connection to Nature

Yurts are portable and compact, so they may be placed in rustic settings. Moreover, yurts’ round walls minimize surface area, reducing heating and cooling needs for an eco-friendly getaway. Yurts are also more earth-friendly to construct than hotel rooms because they’re built on simple raised platforms, which have little impact on the surrounding earth.

Small Pacific Yurt with a light blue tarp and a wooden front door porch.Finally, curvaceous yurts fit into natural surroundings better than blocky traditional buildings. Yurts can deliver the luxuries of a hotel stay along with the magical qualities of camping. Visitors will love hearing the sounds of nature from within their comfortable yurts.

Find Your Dream Yurt Campground

Ready to book a yurt for your next vacation? We have the perfect travel-planning shortcut. Our Yurt Vacations tool allows you to search by country, state, or zip code. Type in the locale of your next dream getaway and find local campgrounds, Airbnb rentals, and other yurt options. Let’s say you’re looking into a jaunt to Bend, Oregon. Simply type in the zip code (97701) and the Yurt Vacations tool will return many nearby yurt search results.

As the original maker of campground yurts, we’ve been advocating for yurt rental options for decades. Today, we’re thrilled to help park owners discover new revenue options through yurt villages. Contact us today to learn how yurts could attract more visitors to your park or campground.