A yurt can be a slice of paradise. They are fully customizable with characteristics that make them feel as comfortable as home. Now, your yurt can feature an electric power dome opener, the next innovative product from Pacific Yurts. Since 1978, Pacific Yurts has been at the forefront of yurt innovation, integrating the latest technologies and trends to our products and processes. Our goal is to produce a yurt with consistent high quality that evolves to meet our customers’ changing needs and desires. Our newest feature release is another step in that evolution. 

What is a Power Dome Opener?


We’re excited about the new power dome opener. This new feature makes opening and closing the yurt dome easy for anyone. Installation is simple as well. The dome opener mechanism, which raises the yurt’s dome for ventilation, responds to commands from a keychain remote control. Using this remote allows you to say goodbye to long extension handles when opening your yurt’s dome. Installation and usage of the power dome opener is painless. In little time, you’ll have a newfound ease of control over the operation of your yurt’s dome. 

What is the Benefit of a Power Dome Opener?

Depending on the climate you live in, maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your yurt can be a challenge. Hot summers demand the use of air conditioners or an increased airflow that helps keep the air throughout the yurt interior fresh and cool. On the other hand, chilly winters warrant a fully-insulated and heated yurt to keep the tenants comfortable. 

Having an easy path for fresh air to enter a yurt during a warm summer day is a refreshing way to keep your yurt cool and comfortable. A power dome opener helps promote natural convection cooling at the touch of a button. Cool air is pulled in through open windows or air conditioning unit while warm air is pushed out through the open dome. A power dome opener is especially useful if you want this fresh flow of air through your yurt. Similarly in winter, opening the dome is a quick way to release built up moisture without freezing the entire space. Our power dome openers are versatile and reliable. 

Opening your dome skylight is easier than ever! You can upgrade to a power dome opener on an existing Pacific Yurt or add this feature on any beautiful new Pacific Yurt.

Planning for Your Pacific Yurt 

Designing and installing a custom yurt is easy with us. Simply give us a call or try out our 3D Yurt Builder to visualize your future yurt. You choose the exterior covers, insulation and doors that will best fit your use of the yurt and climate you live in. You are also able to add unique Pacific Yurt features that protect against snow and wind. In addition, you can get a price estimate for what to expect your yurt to cost based on the features you’re interested in. No matter what combination of optional features you choose, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of the top quality standard features that come with each yurt we build. Read about them on our website or give us a call. 

Additional Pacific Yurts Features

At Pacific Yurts, our top priority is making durable, customizable, high quality yurts that require minimal upkeep. We offer a series of low maintenance features, such as keypad deadbolts, insulated fiberglass doors and insulated glass windows, in addition to ceiling fan supports and power dome openers. The wide variety in features we offer means that you get to create a yurt that meets your every need. We’re at the forefront of yurt design and manufacturing, so you can rest assured you’re getting top quality products that will perform long term and top-of-the-line service when you choose Pacific Yurts. 

Give us a call today or visit our online 3D yurt builder to get started crafting your new yurt.

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