Pacific Yurts offers six different sizes, and base prices range from around $8.000 to $17,500 (as of December 2023). The average cost of a yurt, including all standard features, varies depending on the diameter. The smallest option is 12 feet in diameter and 115 square feet, with a center height of nine feet. On the other hand, the largest option has a 30-foot diameter and 706 square feet, with a center height of just over 14 feet. Use our 3D Yurt Builder to get a sense of how much a yurt might cost with the features you want. The final cost of building a yurt will depend on size, location, options, and interior amenities – for example, are you incorporating a bathroom, kitchen, or other utilities?

What Factors Should I Consider Before Buying a Yurt?

Consider these key factors when researching and establishing the budget for your yurt: 

  • Location. Do you have a site picked out? If you do, make sure you know the status of the plumbing, power, and other utilities available at your site. If you are off the grid, you will need to plan for alternative resources. You’ll also need to consider the climate and terrain to determine yurt options, site prep, and development costs. 
  • Yurt use. How do you plan on using your yurt? If you’re using it as an office space near your home, the standard features may be enough. However, if you plan on renting it, you might want to make sure it can accommodate a kitchen or bathroom. 
  • Yurt assembly. Do you have the tools and means to take it from kit to dwelling? If not, you may want to hire out the platform construction and possibly the yurt assembly.

Each of these factors will help you determine which features you’ll want or need, so you can establish a more accurate budget for your yurt.

What Yurt Features Can I Get?

All Pacific Yurts come with a set of standard features as part of the base price. These include top and side covers with two screened clear fabric windows, lattice wall, rafters, center ring, dome skylight, door, tension cable, and more. We also have a variety of unique options and upgrades available, including glass windows, french doors, screen doors, and more. These additional add-ons can increase the average cost of a yurt but also add long-term value. Depending on the climate where the yurt will be built, you may consider adding our snow and wind kit, insulation package, dome skylight opener, and other options.

On-site customization can also be considered. Gas or wood stoves can be installed for colder weather, while ceiling fans or air conditioning units may be installed to keep the yurt interior comfortable in warm weather, ductless mini-split heat pumps are another popular choice for heating and cooling. Kitchenettes, bathrooms, and walls to separate each room can be added to a Pacific Yurt. Some yurt owners have installed a loft in their yurt, allowing for more space and storage. If you think of a feature you want your yurt to have, chances are you can make it happen. Remember that just as with any construction project, the total costs involved will vary depending on the quality, materials, and labor pricing. If it is not a DIY project, you should consider getting at least two estimates from well-qualified contractors.

30 foot Pacific Yurt Interior

How Are Yurts Used?

Yurts can be used in a variety of ways. Some yurt owners have yurts built on their property, using the space for guests, office space, or studios. Others have utilized their yurts for additional income by turning them into Airbnbs. On the other hand, campgrounds across the country have incorporated yurt glamping into their offerings, allowing visitors to have the best experiences of camping while staying in a yurt that offers more home comfort. In the end, there is no right or wrong way to use a yurt—only the best way for you!

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What Can I Expect From Owning a Yurt?

Much of the expense of owning a yurt comes at the beginning with platform construction, yurt installation, and the utilities and interior amenities you choose to add. As with any structure, there is maintenance required that may impact the average cost of a yurt. If necessary, exterior yurt components like the roof and wall coverings can be easily replaced after many years of use. Pacific Yurts offers support and guidance to our customers on maintenance, cleaning, and caring for your yurt.

24' Pacific Yurt next to Cattails

Why Choose Pacific Yurts?

At Pacific Yurts we’re committed to building a yurt that meets and exceeds your expectations. When considering the relatively low cost of building you’ll find that they can be a fantastic and affordable option for guest housing, studios, Airbnbs, and more. If you’re in the market for a yurt and have a tight budget, Pacific Yurts can help you get fitted with the best yurt for you.

Contact us today for an estimate and get started constructing your dream yurt today.