How to keep your yurt warm in the winter

If you haven’t yet ordered your yurt, ensure you choose options for heating to keep your yurt warm during colder months. If you already have a yurt, consider adding these amenities:

  • Insulation: Our seven-layer reflective insulation was developed by NASA. We create an attractive interior finish by covering the insulation with ivory-colored fabric.
  • Insulated Window Covers: We offer easy-on, easy-off insulated window covers for our fabric windows that are made of the same reflective insulation.
  • Stove flashing: Our double metal flashing allows a stovepipe to exit through the side cover. It’s available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate most stoves.
  • Fan Support: Allows the installation of a ceiling fan in the center of the yurt to increase air circulation and push heat down toward the living space.
  • Conventional, Radiant, or Solar Heating: Heating approaches that work in traditional buildings also work for yurts. Ducts for heat pumps and central heating systems may be installed beneath the yurt’s floor or ductless heat pumps may be used.

As in all structures, a tight building envelope will minimize heat loss in the winter. Installing foam weather-stripping to the underside of the top cover valance and between the side cover and platform will fill possible air gaps. Making sure the side cover is tight around the circumference and cinching the top cover valance cord will go a long way towards sealing air gaps as well. Finally, energetic yurt owners may wedge custom cut foam board between the rafters to further reduce heat loss. Learn more about these tips in our blog.

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