What’s the difference between traditional and modern yurts?

There are several variations of the basic design and different names used for the structure. Of these variations there are two main types: The ger and the bentwood yurt (also known as the Üy). The Mongolian ger is the older design, which has a relatively heavy center ring (known as the crown or toono) and straight rafters (known as uni) spanning from the center ring to the lattice wall (known as the Khana). This is the design that the modern Pacific Yurt was inspired by and patterned after. Let’s take a look at how traditional Mongolian gers differ from their modern cousins.

Mongolian ger in a grass field.

Mongolian gers:

  • Feature interior support poles
  • Features felted wool exterior coverings, created from sheep or Yak hair
  • The ger is lightweight and quick to assemble and disassemble

Modern Yurts:

Pacific Yurt with a blue canvas and a wooden deck.
  • Structural upgrades strengthened with contemporary materials to withstand extreme conditions
  • Durable, high-tech architectural fabric takes the place of felted wool
  • Have a central ring with acrylic dome skylight that may be opened
  • Have windows (fabric or glass)
  • Not intended for frequent movement

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Loft area with a bed inside of a Pacific Yurt.

Benefits of The Modern Yurt

While traditional yurts have been staples for many cultures for centuries, modern yurts have started to leave their own mark on living and glamping trends around the world. Because modern yurts are more permanent structures than their traditional counterparts, they provide a living space that can be customized for many uses. Here are some of the top reasons more people are turning to yurts for living spaces.

  • Floorplan customization and amenities
  • Ample natural light and open space
  • Unique decor and designs that fit your style
  • Minimal and sustainable for those who want a more simple lifestyle
  • Ability to incorporate outdoor living into your life

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Designing Your Own Modern Yurt

Ready to build your own custom modern yurt? Here are 5 steps to help you design your very own Pacific Yurt.

Leather couch inside the living room of a modern Pacific Yurt.

Design your own modern yurt with our 5 step guide using our 3D Builder

  1. Identify your yurts purpose
  2. Select a yurt size
  3. Select your yurt features
  4. Select custom add-on features
  5. Submit a quote and talk to our team


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