What is a yurt rental pricing strategy?

Creating a pricing strategy for peak seasons, slow seasons, and in-between can also help increase how much you make renting your yurt. Setting a price strategy for rentals is all about balance. Too low and you may have plenty of usage but not make a profit. Set your price too high and you may not get any bookings. 

If you’re struggling to set your yurt rental nightly rate, take a look at Airbnb’s cost calculator. It’s a good way to learn more about yurt rental price estimates based on the market and your area’s competition.

Follow these steps when setting your yurt rental price:

  1. Decide where you will list your yurt rental
  2. Decide your minimum and maximum rental rates
  3. Identify the key seasons (such as summer vacation or ski season) for your rental location
  4. Identify additional seasons (like school breaks or specific holidays)
  5. Set your basic rate for which your rental price will increase or decrease around
  6. Adjust your rental pricing for each season

When building your rental strategy, you may also want to consider setting rates for cancellations, cleaning fees, late check-out fees, or other optional add-ons.


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