How do yurts fit into building codes? Do I need a permit?

Building code requirements can vary greatly and yurts do not always fit neatly into just one category within the code books. Variables such as the size and use of the yurt as well as the site can help determine if the yurt will require a permit and what type of permit may be needed.

Yurts Can Be Considered: 

  • Temporary structure
  • Permanent structure
  • Semi-permanent structure

Yurts Can Be Classified As:

  • Auxiliary building
  • Studio
  • Recreational structure

A yurt will likely need to meet requirements in the areas of snow load, seismic rating, wind speed, and fire safety depending on consideration, classification, and location. Other requirements like egress and occupancy are dependent on the use of the yurt. 

For specific information on building codes and permitting in your area contact your local planning or building official and provide them with our suggested platform plans, snow and wind load ratings, and flame certificates.

In most cases, you can find out more about your local requirements for Ground Snow Load here.


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