Dome & Center Ring Options

Dome Opener: Specialized hardware, mechanism and extension handle allows the dome to be opened. Opening the dome skylight allows the escape of hot air that may get trapped at the ceiling. Creates a natural convection cooling system for refreshing comfort. For further air movement add a ceiling fan using our fan support.

Power Dome Opener: Our power dome opener option with key chain remote makes it easy to open or close the dome with the touch of a button.

Tinted Dome: The tinted dome blocks approximately 60% of the heat that comes through the skylight and only marginally affects natural light. It is highly recommended for those who live in the tropics or have a site in a hot location with direct sun.

Center Ring Insert: Our finely crafted wood frame fits into the center ring and comes with your choice of optional bug screen or shade screen. The bug screen provides a barrier against insects, and the shade screen reduces heat gain while stopping bugs. Designed for easy removal.

Dome Screen: Elegantly simple circular hemmed screen attaches to underside of the center ring. Choose bug or shade screen.

Fan Support: This beautiful sculpted wood support allows you to install a ceiling fan in the center of your yurt to keep things cool. Additionally, most fans can be reversed to aid heat circulation during the cold months.


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