Yurt Door Options

Window Door: This beautiful solid wood door features a large window and inset wood panel.

Double Window Door: This door provides for more light and additional viewing space by replacing the inset wood panel with a second window.

Panel Door: It has all the strength and beauty of our window door, but features inset wood panels in the top and bottom instead.

French Doors: Handcrafted right here in our shop, our French Doors are truly elegant with inset wood panels at the bottom and windows above. They architecturally enhance the yurt with a wider access and additional view. They’re available for the 16′ yurt and larger models.

Fiberglass Door: This insulated architectural fiberglass door has a high quality ultra-durable finish, and is ideal for low-maintenance requirements in the harshest environments.

Screen Door: Beautiful solid wood screen door includes self-closing hinges and heavyweight screen. Provides extra ventilation while keeping the bugs out.

Upgrade Hardware for Screen Door: This option upgrades the standard spring-loaded steel hinges to bronze-finished solid brass hinges and handle. Also includes a pneumatic door closer.

Door Screen Curtain: This overlapping split-screen attaches to the top of the door frame and is weighted at the bottom. Keep insects outside where they belong!

Additional Door: Add a back or side entrance for easy access to decks, hot tubs, gardens or additional views. Available on 16′ and larger. Ask about placement options.

Convenience Panel: Beautiful, insulated multi-purpose panel to facilitate a variety of applications including glass window, A/C, hearth, electrical panel, etc.


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