Yurt Wall Options

Side Cover: Our side cover is an acrylic-coated polyester fabric. Proven performance assures you of long-lasting value. A variety of colors are available – a digital copy of our Fabric Options card is available here.

Additional Fabric Windows: Windows can be located around the perimeter of the yurt, to take advantage of a view and coordinate with your interior layout. They also furnish additional light and ventilation, adding to the spacious open feeling of the yurt.

Glass Window System: Our glass window system features an openable, efficient low-E thermal glass window mounted to a structurally engineered curved frame to match the circular shape of the yurt. This innovative design eliminates the “flat panel” look used by others, and our exclusive fabric flange assures a weather-tight seal. Includes trim kit and removable screen. Not available on 12′ and 14′ models.

Window Awning Frame: Consists of an adjustable, anodized aluminum framework to support the window flap. This creates an overhang allowing the windows to be left open for ventilation.

Stove Flashing: Double metal flashing that allows the stovepipe to exit through the side cover. Made from galvanized sheet metal and coated for corrosion resistance and beauty. (Std. opening is 8″ – other sizes available)


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