Is the floor included in the price? Do you sell/offer platforms?

The platform/floor for the yurt is not included in the cost of the yurt itself. We do not sell platforms because it is more cost effective for the platform to be built on site rather than shipping a prefabricated platform to the site. Since every site is different, and the circular platform is basic deck construction, we recommend buying local materials and having a carpenter build the platform on site. They will need to keep in mind local site conditions and code requirements. Downloads for suggested platform construction (wood or concrete) can be found at: https://www.yurts.com/downloads/.

SIP’s (Structural Insulated Panels) do make a wonderful yurt platform, but are typically more expensive than a site-built platform. Also, the panels are large and heavy, so they can be difficult to unload and move around. If you do plan to use an SIP platform we recommend that you purchase the SIP’s from a supplier nearest to your site in order to minimize shipping costs. Doing an online search for “SIP suppliers in (your state)” will result in a list of companies you can contact for quotations. They should also be able to provide the cost of shipping the panels to your site.


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