How to create an energy-efficient yurt

Our yurts provide a maximum amount of enclosed space while using a minimal amount of material as compared to standard construction, which helps our customers achieve their goals of “going green” and reducing their impact on the earth.

Renewable Energy:

  • A 4kW solar panel system can provide 5,200 kWh annually
  • A single solar panel can produce enough power to run 84 light bulbs for 1 hour a day

Window & Door Placement:

  • South-facing windows and doors maximize solar heat and light
  • Locating windows opposite each other provides for good cross-ventilation
  • Choosing Low-E insulated glass windows helps minimize heat loss


  • Insulation liners reflect radiant heat in both directions which keeps the yurt warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Reflective insulation in the wall and roof takes up minimal space

View Our Infographic:
How to Create an Energy-Efficient Yurt


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