Did you know that a yurt home is easy to care for, far easier than caring for a traditional home? There are several reasons why. One is that our team is passionate about creating the highest-quality yurt on the market. We always choose superior fabrics, which are easy to clean, durable, and long-lasting.

Of course, even the best-built homes are subject to the weather. So, how do you keep your yurt in tip-top shape all year round? How many times a year should you clean the top and side covers, the acrylic dome, or the door and frame?

Our video and infographic provide expert tips on when and how to clean your yurt. Plus, you’ll learn more about the proper tools and cleaning products to use (never use window cleaner!). Check out these step-by-step instructions and helpful details below, or visit our yurt maintenance blog post and checklist for more details.

Download the full infographic, “Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Yurt”

Yurt Care and Maintenance Tips