Green yurts with decks sit along side a calm lake surrounded by lush trees.

You can find yurt getaways in almost any climate. These versatile structures can be upgraded with features that can make them comfortable in warm or cold weather. Whether you’re looking for a destination for a yurt getaway or curious about extended yurt living, Pacific Yurts has features to help ensure our yurts feel like home. 

Yurt Living Anywhere

From the ocean to the mountains, yurts can be found nearly everywhere. They each come with a unique set of features that makes for a comfortable stay in a wide variety of locations. 

Three brown yurts situated in the desert with brambles and a mountain the background.

Keeping Desert Yurts Cool in Summer

Yurts in the desert can be found near national parks and other incredible sightseeing. It might be a daunting stay if you’re visiting the desert in peak summer, but don’t let the heat deter you. Pacific Yurts will hold up in this climate, and a variety of air conditioning options can be installed to create a comfortable space. Everything from an operable dome skylight and insulation to air conditioning units can be utilized to cool a desert yurt interior. As an added bonus, yurts in climates that have a lot of sun can benefit from sourcing power from solar panels. You’ll have a comfortable yurt to stay in that’s also eco-friendly. 

Stay Warm at Mountain Yurts in Winter

We love a stay in a mountain yurt. You can find them located near ski resorts and backcountry trails throughout the mountains. They are more affordable options compared to resorts and boast a homey feel. Yurts located in cold environments have several options to keep them warm. Gas or wood stoves can be installed and are effective in comfortably heating the space. Adding our reflective insulation to the roof and walls will help to retain heat and add to the overall comfort. With multiple options for a cozy and comfortable stay, don’t shy away from a mountain yurt getaway. 

Visit Any Coast Anytime of Year

Depending on where a coastal yurt is located, it might require different features to keep the interior comfortable. You might want air conditioning if the yurt is located on a warm coastline. On the other hand, you might need door and window awnings if you’re staying along the rainy Northwest coast. No matter where along the coastline you plan to stay, a yurt can be set up to be a comfortable stay. 

Make Your Yurt a Home

More and more people are installing yurts on their property to use as guest rooms or office spaces. These can be fitted with cooling, heating, or other features depending on your climate to make them comfortable and usable year round. Yurts are compact spaces that can be made comfortable for just about every season and climate with just a few additions, making them a space you can enjoy every day. 

Planning For Your Pacific Yurt

Getting started on building your Pacific Yurt is easy. Contact us and let our experienced team help you design a yurt that is perfect for you. 

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