14' Backyard studio yurtFor anyone looking to buy a yurt, many questions can arise. How much is this really going to cost? Are there limits to where I can put my yurt? Is this going to change how I live my life?

We have found over the decades that discovering the answers to these questions gives our customers clarity in the process of planning a yurt purchase. We recommend the following considerations:

What is the purpose?

The first place to start is with the purpose. Because yurts are remarkably versatile, our customers are always surprising us with the new ways they use them. Keeping the purpose in mind provides a decision filter through the planning, purchase, and construction steps. It’s important to know it from the start.

Many of our customers choose a yurt for their personal use. Yurt homes are perfect for vacations, retreats, temporary housing, and guests. They make unique work or relaxation spaces for those looking to connect more with nature.  Businesses are finding yurts bring in extra revenue as rentals, retails spaces, meeting spaces, and retreat or fitness centers. Government agencies are proving yurts can be used to bring in revenue to sustain programs as places for meetings, exhibits, or rentals.

As you move through your planning stages, keep the main purpose in mind. While yurts are a beautiful mid-point between permanent and moveable dwellings, and those purchased for one purpose are very easily adapted for another later on, it’s still important to narrow down the initial purpose to make sure you get what you want.

Where will it go?

Many customers choose to build a platform for their yurts. The platform can be placed on most any level or even sloping surface on personal or commercial property; however, every state has different zoning requirements and codes that must be adhered to. In your research, you will need to gather the information for your state.

What will we need?

Once your purpose is clear and your location is decided, a size will need to be chosen. Yurts are measured by diameter and center height. They come in a range of diameter sizes from 12’ to 30’ with center heights ranging from 9’ to 14’2” to fit any purpose.

PacificYurts_AnatomyAll of the yurt kits from Pacific Yurts come with standard features. These include:

  • Lattice wall
  • Rafters
  • Center Ring
  • Door
  • Dome
  • Tension Cable
  • Side Cover
  • Fabric Windows
  • Top Cover
  • Rain Diverter
  • Instructions and Hardware

These are the basics. There are many design options with the standard features, but all yurt kits come with these simple, quality items. The best place to start exploring these options is with our state-of-the-art Yurt Builder 3D™ pricing tool. Our customers love using the tool to visualize their yurts and try out all the options with their pricing options calculated in real time.

Can yurt kits be customized?

Absolutely. This is where things get fun. While our standard features are strong and elegant, our custom features allow a stunning array of style and security options, including color options, dome upgrades, multiple door styles, additional extreme weather kits, upgraded insulation packages and our Custom Curve™ glass window system.

How much is this going to cost?

One of the biggest questions for anyone looking at construction options is cost. And, often the factor that draws customers to Pacific Yurts is the surprisingly low cost of yurt construction compared to any other kind. With the base prices being a fraction of the cost of conventional construction, yurt homes and spaces are always in price range. For anyone looking to buy a yurt, we recommend a visit to our Yurt Builder 3D™ tool. In a few moments, you can gather the initial numbers for your budget.

Beyond the basic yurt construction, there will be the usual costs of the interior construction (though on a minimal scale), including platform or flooring, plumbing, power, and internal structures, such as dividing walls, cabinetry or built-ins, fixtures and appliances.

Can we get a closer look?

In addition to the Yurt Builder 3D™ tool, our customers enjoy seeing the yurts featured in our virtual tours. We invite you to spend a few moments enjoying these and our valuable customer stories.

Can I enjoy yurt living?

Yurt with breathtaking viewFor those looking to use their yurt as a home or living space, there are additional benefits. Yurt homes are a far cry from tent living. Their structure, beauty, and adaptability for plumbing and technology mean they needn’t be anything like roughing it, unless you want them to be. Yurts invite creative design with their circular shape.

The circular floor plan of a yurt allows for interior walls separating bathroom and kitchen areas. The larger yurts are roomy enough for lofts if desired. Those who love yurt living are often in the same group as those who love being outdoors, so decks and patios make a beautiful addition of outdoor living to the yurt lifestyle as well.

Some of the best experiences of the yurt planning process come from the interior and outdoor living design aspects. We’ve curated some of our recommendations for you, but others can be found on Pinterest or other design curation sites.

We would love to help answer questions as you plan your yurt purchase, so please contact us for more information as needed through the process.

Why choose Pacific Yurts? The infographic below highlights just some of the reasons why customers choose us, including quality craftsmanship, industry expertise and customer service.

Download the “Why Choose Pacific Yurts” infographic

Why Choose Pacific Yurts Infographic